Sunday, April 26, 2009


Well you can tell its april around here" all the plants are comming to life and yestarday we had 92 degrees. There are only two drawbacks about living in N.C. one is that when it gets hot! It gets hot! Now thats not that bad because when I visited my daughter in Spokane last summer it was just as hot there as it was here . but the thing I hate the most are the bugs! I'm not talking about the creepy crawling types of bugs I am referring to the darn flyinggggggg bugs! The ones that bite! misquitoes and flys and the darn nats that are up close and in your face. It makes it absolutely miserible to be outside. Luckily they are not out there all summer long but enough to make you wish they weren't. They also have some nasty little things call chiggers here. The best I can gather is that they are some form of a sand flea" I say gather because you can't see the little buggers you just know there theyve been there later when your ankles and feet start itching.
Now for the good things. It is beautifull and soooooooooo green here that I love looking out into the yard from my windows. the flowers bloom most of the year here. and the birds are fantastic! we have the most beautifull red cardinals and these little tiny yellow and black birds that are soooooooo cute. we of course feed all of them plus the squirrels and they could very quickly eat you out of house and home.
Last nite I started a doll quilt for my granddaghter Casey. She will be one in may so it won't be long before she will need these things for her own baby doll.
I also worked on a dresdon quilt block" not sure how far I will go with it. I am a bit on the strange side. I have a tendency to get all excited about making a block and then by the time it is finished I am ready to tackle something else. you would not beleiveeeeeeee how many orfan blocks I have stacked up around here. one day I would like to put them together into quilts. and I probably will but not todayyyyyyy.

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That is so cute!!!