Monday, June 29, 2009

monday afternoon

Gee the time is going by sooooooooo quickly. Before you know it I will be packing to go to Spokane. I am soooooooooo excited. Can't wait to hold all those grandkids in my arms " not to mention my daughter!
Yestarday we went to wallmart so that I could buy an ipod but once I got there I decided on an mp3 player instead. Now we are in the process of figureing out how to download music too it. We stopped by the other wallmart today where I got some better ear phones " I hate the ones that you put inside of your ears so I bought the type that you slide over your ear. Then of course I had to come home and make a bag to carry the player, earphones and the jack in. I found the pattern while searching blogs the other day. It is actually the same type of bag that I made for my camera so it was simple to make.
I am trying not to get too involved in sewing projects right now. I just finished a chorchet project that I am taking with me but cannot show you as my daughter might just see it if it were posted here. A friend of mine sent me a golly doll pattern that I would dearly love to start too but that one is going to have to wait untill I get back .
I hope all of you are enjoying your garden as much as we have been enjoying ours. I know that my poor daughter isen't as the deer ate hers this year. They have decided to move it closer to the house and maybe put up a larger fence. I think that she is going to put up a greenhouse like we are too this fall. I found a pattern for one made up of pvc pipe that looks pretty darn simple to make so I think that will be a lot of fun getting our plants started early for next year. Ohhhhhhhhh hubby bought me an orchid for our anniversary and it is soooooooooo gorgous! maybe I will start grwoing them once we get a greenhouse.
O.k. I guess I had better get off of here and get something else done. take care

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