Friday, October 30, 2009

October 30th

Wow the time is still going by much too quickly! Yestarday was my birthday and it seems like I was going constantly. I went to work and the girls at work all gave me birthday gifts , then it was home to more birthday gifts. My daughter suprized me with several fat quarters of fabric which she knows her mama lovessssss! an adorable jar full of buttons and a pin cushion on top which she made with her very own hands! That makes it all the more special!

I had told hubby a few weeks ago that I wanted to get some chip carving knives as I thought I might enjoy learning how to do that. welllllll he ordered a complete set of carving type knives and they really weren't what I needed for the chip carving soooooooooo We wound up ordering a chip carving book and knives and a sharpening stone, so I should have plenty to keep me busy. I will never understand people that say they have nothing to do when they get older. Speaking for myself" I am busier then I ever was. Every time I turn around it seems as if there is something else to do.
I have my witch hung on the door for halloween. I have the makings for some carmeled apples in the kitchen ready to go". Last weekend we were in Nascar country for grandsons graduation from the nascar school. He seemed very happy and we were all happy that he had finally graduated. He has been there since July of 08 so it will be good to see him back home again. We also got to meet his new girlfriend Robin. She seems very nice and they seem very happy together. I am not sure how the move back home will effect things but I am sure they will work things out. where there is a will " there is always a way!. Like I told them " If I can fly three thousand miles every summer to see my family then they can certainly arrange travel for three hundred miles.

Lets see what else is going on" ohhhhhhhh I had a birthday email from one of my best friends in high school. She lives clear across the u.s. from me now and ever since her hubby introduced her to the sale of pet shop she has been swamped with work. I supsect that she is loving it as she has always been an animal lover. I can understand that since I am the same way. I have been working on a table runner and the blocks are all finished but haven't managed to set it together yet.
Welllllll I suppose that is all for now. We are waiting for the kids to come over for my birthday. Dougs son and daughter in law are comming tonite instead of last nite due to work ect. will post again as soon as I can" take care untill then.

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creativedawn said...

Linda! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and hope you had a wonderful day!