Friday, October 30, 2009


I forgot to show you the changed version of the tablerunner. I changed some of the blocks and the way they were arranged. I am still not sure I am happy with it but I like it better then the first selection.
And one more thing" I also forgot to show you what I made my secret pal at work for halloween. The snippet bag had halloween candles and candy in it.I am really slippingggggggggg must be old age!


~ Kerrie ~ said...

Love the OWL in the background... Where did you get that or did you make it?? Very cute.
Glad you liked the pincushion, buttons and fabric.
Love you bunches.

Eileen S said...

Do you have the pattern for the snippet bag. I've seen it on someone's blog, but can't remember which one.
Thanks, Eileen