Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday the 14th

Boy am I ever glad friday the thirteenth is over with! I have never been one to fall for all of that: but I have to tell you after yestarday it made me wonder if there wasen't something too it!
First of all hubby went out to start the tiller as he wanted to put in some winter squash. It wouldn't start and then he noticed that there was someting caught in one of the tines so he pulled on it to get it out. well his hand slipped and he ran the tip of his finger right through the tip of one of the tines. He was a bloody mess and having all those nerves in the tips of your fingers sure didn't help any. He got the bleeding stopped and bandaged it all up and we didn't have to go in and get stitches like I thought we would. It probably could actually use a couple but when you have a stubborn man: I have learned after all these years together that there is a time to argue and a time to just walk away. This one looked like it would mend on its own and he had taken all of the precautions of washing it out good and soaking in peroxide so I let it go.
Then we were stitting outside on the finished deck that hubby build for us when the guiennie got upset because tripod was allowed on the deck and he wasen't. He is joined at the hip to tripod whenever he is outside. welllllllll he flew onto the grill and I shooed him away from there and he went over and landed on one of my planter boxes that contained herbs that I have been starting. welllllllll when I headed towards him he flew up to the roof of the house but not before knocking over my whole planter box. what a mess! Not too mention my herbs had just poked their little heads out a couple of days prior too this. sooooooooo I cleaned it all up and replanted. The rest of the day went fine so it wasen't a total loss. I worked on some small five inch squares for a baby quilt . I joined a small quilt group and have been playing around with the little blocks. very time consuming but fun! Will include a picture of the deck and hopefully by the next entry I can get a picture of the afghan I am working on and some of the miniature blocks.

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