Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday 22nd

Heyyyyy its me again" Bet you never thought I would get here. I have been so bad about posting but it just seems like the older I get the longer it takes me to do things and for some darn reason there are always more things to do".
Just found out that my stepdaughter is comming for a visit. She is planning to stay with her stepbrother as he has more room. Should liven things up around here as she is always interesting to say the least. Right now she has pink hair which is usually purple. I am sure she will be remembered by all. It will be good to see her as we haven't seen her since leaving Spokane three years ago or has it been four.? I swear the time goes by much too quickly.
Wellllllll I managed to get my doll quilt finished" although I don't know how. It seems like everytime I start looking for something I get sidetracked by something else I have run into. I found a quilt on the net yestarday and spent a good half hour figureing out the pieces so that I could make it. It is just two simple blocks but if you don't sit down and color them out on a graph paper of sorts then you loose them.
Then I ran across some other blocks that I had started a eons ago and put them up on the design wall and added a few more. Anyway the doll quilt wound up 16x `12 1/2"s This is the smallest quilt I think I have made. I might possibly have made this size for my darling granddaughter but I don't think it had as much detail. Let me tell you it requires your full concentration! Have also been working on an afghan" Did I tell you that I am always going in many different directions at once.  The doll with the doll quilt was made by a very nice lady named Pam" She has a blog called creative dawn and she does some gorgous work!
Well its about time I close for now as I have a lot of things to get finished before going back to work tomorrow. How depressing is that! I only just got home and started relaxing lols .

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creativedawn said...

Oh my! That is the cutest doll quilt! I'm sure she loves her quilt. I signed up again this year for the swap; but my partner doesn't like dolls...boohoo! chuckle. Have you started a doll yet? lol
doll blog is