Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Last week of school!!!!!!!!!!

Well its the last week of school yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Vacationnnnnnnn I think" maybe not as I seem to work just as hard around the house as I do if I am working although this way I won't be doing both".

Have not written much lately as there hasen't been a lot to write. Have been doing normal activities, like going to bible study, going to church and church crafts.  Its gardening time again and we are patiently waiting for everything to mature. We have grapes , blueberries and strawberries ooops almost forgot the rasberries. I am sooooooooo looking forward to the tomatoes and squash getting ready.

I somehow got a big burst of energy this weekend and managed to finish two of my granddaughters quilts , my lap quilt and started a quilt as you go tablerunner. those are soooooooooo fun and easy! To make one all you do is lay your backing right side down on your table , then spray with a little bit of adhesive spray. apply your batting and now you are ready to start adding your strips. You can cut them any size you want or mix and match if you like also. take the first strip and lay it right side up at the edge of your runner. make sure this one is straight. stitch it down on one end then take your next strip and lay it on top of the previous strip face down and stitch it down. then fold it back and press it. continue overlapping them untill you get to the end. poof! you have pieced and quilted it all in one step. now all you have left is to bind it. I have mine by my chair right now and will bind it while watching t.v. The new granddaughters quilt is very special because her mom and I planned it out together just like we did with the last one. That makes it so much more fun!

The other thing I have been doing is chrocheting hats for the grandkids.  Now let me tell you something I discovered duhhhhhhhhhhh that I should have figured out long ago and would have saved me a ton of work!
I hate trying to bend over on the floor to put quilts together so a few years ago" I started doing them on my bed which meant less bending. wellllllll it hit me when I went to put these together whyyyyyy not put them together on the kitchen island???? I did ! And let me tell you from here on out that is the only way I will everrrrrrr do them again. what a great idea! Have any of you figured this one out already? sooooooooo easy. The pinning and layering was super simple ! will never do it the old way again.

Well I just finished taking the brownies out of the oven that I made earlier so I had better go cut a piece for hubby before he dies of starvation! Take care untill next time"

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