Saturday, February 16, 2013

Here it is saturday and so far all I have done is go go gooooooooooo. I got up and colored my hair the first thing this morning, Then I got busy and made another pair of pillowcases for my grandson to add to the pair I made the nite before. I was up untill ten thirty sewing. It seems like time just gets away from me" every spare minute seems to be used up. I finished my daughters chrocheted granny square and got it in the mail a couple of days ago. she received it and loves it. It is always fun to make things for people who love them". after I finished the pillowcases I made a little heart bookmark that I found on sew many quilts blog. Then hubby got home from the great grandsons basketball game and brought me Rascals dog bed to mend. He insists on pulling it out of his dog house and dragging it out in the middle of the yard to lay on it. in between all of this I have been doing laundry. after starting this my hubby came in and said tripod has gotten off of his chain. we have a long cord that goes across the backyard so that he can run back and fourth and he snapped it off completely and so it was outside to see if we could catch him. Let me tell you" He may only have three legs but that dog can outrun any four legged dog I have ever seen. And do you think he comes when you call himmmmm nooooooooooo""" so we are both walking all over the yard and the neighors yards hoping he has not gone down to the creek and met some nasty snakes or out to the highway when I finally saw him over at one of the neighbors. Doug came up behind me and was out of breath because he has heart problems so I managed to sneak up behind him and thank God the cord was still attached and long enough for me to grab it before he knew I was close enough to catch him. I swear I am getting too old for this drama. I miss the days when we had little dogs that we could take out and not worry about. anyway here is a pictue of the pillowcases and the doll quilt that is all finished except the little seam on the side to close,


Kerrie said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my afghan that you made me!!!! And the kiddos are going to love the goodies you made for them too. :)
Love you bunches!

N.C.Fabric Junkie said...

so glad sweety! you make it all worth while".Love mom