Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hi its me again. I know I am sooooooo bad about writing but it seems like this year I have been much more tirid then usual. this is my last year and I am sooooo looking forward to retirement. but in the meantime after work" it seems like I just don';t have the energy to get a lot done. I finished my scarf for cancer and have been doing several dishcloths. have not done any more on the shawl but hopefully will get back too it soon. I may have to put something simple on my needles that I don't have to concentrate too much on. Went to my optometrist yesterday and after many many tests he said that my glocoma is doing very well. much better then he expected so what ever I am doing I guess I need to keep it up. Last nite we got on Skype with some family members that can be such fun! Its just like having them in your own living room.
O.k. there is really not too much else going on. all I seem to do lately is work , bake and work some more. until next time (hopefully with some projects to show you). take care

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