Saturday, August 16, 2008

Busy Week"

This has been a really crazzy week. Babysat Hubbies great grandsons tuesday for twelve hours " that was a very long day. In case you have never tried it three year old twins can reallyyyyyyy keep you hopping. what one isen't thinking the other one is. You have to be come a mind reader to keep track of them.

Wednsday we had to take hubby into Greenville to an orthapedic specialist , thursday we got to relax and friday was Granddaughter Ashleys wedding rehearsal. I offered to press the tablecloths for the reception hall at the church. I think there were about twenty of them. Has anyone ever tried to press tablecloths on a flat table. welllllllllllll let me tell you the wrinkles were not comming out and these table clothes were three times as big as the table. soooooooooooo Hubby and Grandson Steven offered to run home and get my ironing board and iron so I finally managed to get them done by ten thirty last nite. Today its off to the wedding at the beach. She is haveing a relaxed wedding at the beach a veryyyyyyyyyy relaxed wedding. she said to be sure and wear flip flops because the sand at the beach this time of year is sooooooooo hot it will burn your feet if you wear shoes. Hubby and I have decided to wear caprees and shorts along with hawaain shirts as it is supposed to be a hawaain theme. They are only haveing a quick ceremony there because she has always wanted to be married on the beach and then its back to the church for the reception. It is supposed to rain and storm today so hopefully we will miss it. at least for the wedding.

Upon arriveing home last nite I found the sweetest picture of my Darling Grandbabies in Spokane whom I miss terriably. They are holding the pillow cases that I made and sent to them after arriving home from there last month. Check out those smiles ! Don't it just make you wanna pinch their little cheeks!


Roslyn Atwood said...

Yes, I had twins 18 months after my first son. Back then I sewed most everything we 4 wore too. Then my sister & my brother followed suit[with the twin thing!]. Now DH & I have twin 3 yr. old great niece & nephew & I have watched them a time or two this summer! I didn't get much sewing done those days,LOL.

N.C.Fabric Junkie said...

Still laughing" you poor thing! It truely is amazing how much more work one extra one can be. They are great when they are busy playing together but they can sure come up with lots of things that just one child wouldn't dream of by them self. My hubby fell asleep in the chair while they were here and I was getting a wee bit tirid myself. I thought I would close my eyes just for a minute to rest them and something told me to open them and sure enough both boys were quietly sneaking into the kitchen on tippy toes looking back as the went. What one won't think of the other one will".