Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sunny Saturday"

Well I got up this morning and it is gorgous outside. The sun is peeking through the clouds so am hoping that it will be nice today instead of the rain that was predited. That being said The rain probably wouldn't hurt our gardens either. lols
I finally got my swap partner in the friendship swap! Have been waiting patiently. she seems to be a lovely person . she is from Philadelphia, and has four children and two grandchildren. She works for a police dept. something I would have loved to have done if I weren't so darn short! She loves chocholate! who could possibly go wrong with someone that loves chocholate! She is a scorpio just like me! and we seem to enjoy a lot of the same things. quilting , bags, emb,stitching. She makes the most beautifull dolls I think that I have ever seen. When she talked about rag dolls I thought she meant just the plain raggidy ann dolls like I used to make the kids and grandkids. noooooooo wayyyyyy hers are absolutely fantastic. From what I have met of her I think she is going to be fun to partner with. Khris evidently puts a lot of thought into who she pairs together. Thanks Khris!
Well this is saturday and that means that I normally do the laundry but hubby wants to go to the highschool and get some more plants. We have a highschool just outside of Goldsboro that has a nursery class and they produce the most gorgous plants. we love buying our plants there each year as it not only makes us happy but it helps to support the school system.
Everything is popping up all over the place. We have decided to build a small greenhouse this fall. It would be so much more fun to start all our plants ahead of time from seeds. we do start a lot of them now that way but this would really give us a headstart. The greenhouse is made from pvc and costs around a hundred dollars to make. I am excited about that one. should be lots of fun to put together.
My doll quilt has been quilted and I am just now finishing up the binding. I need to get busy on some of my other projects. I have been in one of my dulldrums lately. unforutunately I seem to get into these burn out periods that don't last too long but they are irritating just the same. I want to put together some applique blocks to take on the airplane with me in July when I go to see my daughter and grandkids. not too forget my son in law. Nobody could ask for a more perfect son in law then Bryan. he is such a good daddy and a good hubby to my dd.
O.k. well I have carried on long enough and I think hubby is about ready to go for more plants so will close for now. I hope all of you have a great day!

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creativedawn said...

Hello! and yes it is turning into a beautiful Saturday here in Philly as well...Imagine my surprise at all those kind words written about me in your blog! Hey! I absolutely love it...thank you very much. We do have much in common and this will be a fun swap! yes, I do love the Raggedy Ann dolls! Dotty is still here keeping us all company! lol....Have a blessed day!