Saturday, July 27, 2013

I cannot tell you where all the time has gone " the summer is almost over with and it will be time to go back to work before I know it. I feel like it has slipped through my fingers as I have gotten very little accomplished. I did go and see my daughter and the grandkids which was the highlite of my summer.The flight over well but was beginning to wonder if I would ever get back home. When I left Spokane they were thirty five minutes late because they had to change a tire and then they couldn't decide whether it actually needed to be changed. and once I flew into Denver I had to run like crazy to catch my flight to Raleigh. after I gave them my ticket and went down to the plane they had everyone stopped because they had over booked. I was just waiting for them to tell me I couldn't get on that plane and they would have gotten a few choice words as we book over a month in advance.
Ohhhhhhhh you might have noticed sew prim khris on my sidebar. she is having a friendship swap which I have already joined as it sounds like fun. I joined it one year and met a very nice lady who made me the most gorgous doll! I was soooooo surprised as I didn't expect anything that intricate. she still resided in my sewing room and I look at her and think of pam every day!
Oh I found a couple of casserole dishes while I was gone. I have looked and looked around here and they just don't seem to have them. one I found at my son in laws fathers auction and the other at a yard sale.
I have been working on a butterfly quilt"
That's about all I have been up too besides knitting lots of dishcloths and I am working on a scarf currently. once it gets a little farther along I will try and remember to get back here with a picture. take care until next time.

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