Wednesday, July 31, 2013

O.k. Its wednsday and I am actually remembering to post more often. maybe I can get this to be a routine. I don't know why it is so difficult for me to remember to do this. its kind of like having a diary sitting in a drawer right next to your easy chair that you fully intend to post to every day and never do" but I am going to really try and keep current with my blog. the biggest thing is that I love looking back over all of the projects that I actually have completed. its so easy to get into moods where you feel as if you don't accomplish much but when you look back at a blog you really do accomplish more then you think you do. I was also noticing one of the pictures of the grandkids and I have a very new one that I need to post. not only have they grown but there is a new addition.
Its hard to believe that they are growing so quickly. where does all the time go?????
Have been spending time searching my fold
ers and looking at different blogs trying to conjure up idea's on what I will make for my new friendship swap partner. it will be another couple of days before I find out who she is " can't wait! Love these things as they are sooooooooo exciting. As those of you who watch my blog know" I also get involved with a swap with the teachers at the school I work for each year. that is always fun as we exchange gifts once a month or more and holidays and at the end of the year we have a meeting and discover who we have been exchanging with all year.

O.k that's about it for now as I am on my way to get the dreaded mamagram. you know who ever invented that one had to be a man! take care until next time.


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