Monday, July 29, 2013

Just found this post in my draft folder. will post it now but not sure if it will be out of order or not. New Toys!
I went blog hopping when I really should have been working on my wall quilt but was just too tirid to do it. Have been sick this past week with an upper respiratory infection and by the time I get through working each day I just don't seem to have the energy to do anything. wellllllllll while I was blog hopping I found the neatest ruler called Elisas Crazzy Curves rulers. I have always been interested in the drunkards path pattern but have not done anything about it. wellllllll now maybe I will. the price ont he ruler was reasonable (which I could say the same for the shipping. that cost me almost as much as the ruler did). anyway that is not all I did" when I am badddddd I am really badddddddd!!! I have been looking at the fabric cutting machines now for quite awhile and wondering if I really wanted one " if I would use it enough to warrent the expense of one. welllllll I was looking through Joanns online and they had the sizzix machine on sale for 59.99 with my free shipping coupon it was a no brainer sooooooooo that came home to roost too! Now I have nooooo exscuse not to have plenty to keep me busy. I am planning a trip to Joanns next week in Greenville so will see what I can find in applique dies. I also joined a yahoo group for sizzix machines. will let you know how it works out. and hopefully I will have some pictures of blocks with the new rulers also.

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