Monday, July 29, 2013

Well here it is Monday alreadyyyyyy the time just keeps flying by! I am sitting here looking at my sewing room. do any of you live in small homes? before we moved here we loved in a larger home and now I have had to downsize and it seems like I am always looking for storage idea's. I have come up with one or two that have helped such as the over the door shoe holders. I use them for yarn as they hold a lot and it is easy to see your yarn color so that you can simply grab it and go. I have a small plastic holder much the same for my earrings. I wish that I could magically add an extra room or two . the thing that bothers me the most is my kitchen. I have nooooo storage wellllllll not enough". we have added shelves given away our dinning room table and chair set and installed a kitchen island with cupboards below to help but it still isen't enough. I bought a small bookcase for my cookbooks and it is already full beyond capacity. am wondering if I  shouldn't have put another bakers rack there so that I would have more storage. which brings up yet another subject. how many of you collect cookbooks? tell me do you actually use them? I find that I collect all of these cookbooks and never seem to use them. I spend more time downloading recipes on the internet and trying them. just doesn't make sense. I have a large bookcase in my craft room that is over filled with quilt books and patterns. maybe I could go through them and clean out a couple of shelves for my favorite cookbooks and get rid of the rest and then add another bakers rack?????? if you have any great storage idea's I would love to hear them!
School will be starting up again very soon. Someone asked me in church yesterday if I was getting excited for it to start and I had to say nooooooooo I am still enjoying being lazy and not punching a time clock. I think this is going to be my last year as I hope to retire next year. Will have to wait and see how things go. We have a joanns moving into town soooooooooo I may have to continue just to support my fabric and yarn addictions. O.k. enough of my rambling outloud . take care until next time. By the way if anyone is interested. khris is having a friendship swap again and you can find it by looking at my sidebar to the right. I have entered it before and have entered it again this year" it is always a fun swap!

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