Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day is over""""

Well it was back to work today and tuesday is delivery day so there was lots of lifting. We have such a small kitchen that every time we do something we have to move it twice because we have to move it back out of the way to put it someplace else. it is a real pain" That being said they are in the process of building us a new kitchen that may or may not be done by next season. We are all hoping so".

Awhile back I posted that I had started a square in a square quilt for my Grandson Donald. well it was driving me crazzy as the squares were only six inches and I was getting tirid of looking at that and the limited color choices. I have come to the conclusion that in order to work on something for someone else I have to like what I am doing. My grandson when asked what colors he would like for his quilt said black and yellow. Welllllllll do you have any idea how boring it can be to work with just two colors."" I talked to his mom and told her that I was going to add a few colors to make it more interesting. she said go ahead that he changes his mind each and every day anyway.( Did I mention that he is a teenager) Anyway I happened to be on a blogg where someone had made a ducks in a row block and it hit meeeeeeeeee that is what I want to make for Daniel! So I started all over . I put the other blocks away and began making these blocks. They are sooooooooooo cool and I think it will be perfect for his bed. I am using yellow, black , orange, black, green , black , purple , black and blue and black. I am likeing the results. You would never know from looking now but at one time I only liked working with patels. Now I love everything especially color!
Our garden is growing by leaps and bounds. Hubby took a picture of me standing in the middle of our tomatoe patch to send to my daughter. He loves to tease her because living in N.C. we have a much longer and earlier growing season then she does in Washington.
O.k. Its almost time for NCIS one of my favortie shows. I have to see what has happened to zeeva tonite. so I am off to get my glass of wine and watch t.v. Take care untill we meet again.

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