Monday, May 4, 2009


What a nice day I have had" I went to work and our boss had gotten all of us some gorgous plants for employee appreciation day". I decided that I wanted it to hang right outside my sewing room window so that whenever I am on the computer I can look out my window and see it. soooooooo we had to run into town and get a shephards hook. While we were there I purchased some chocholates for a co workers birthday and another package for my secret pal at work. The school has a secret pal that you can sign up for at the beginning of the year and each month you have someone drop off a package for you to your secret pal. It dosen't have to be anything expensive but something that you would enjoy receiving. You can also leave them something on hollidays, birthday ect. This is the first year I have joined and so far it has been a very pleasant experience. I have enjoyed it.
I have also started doing nine patches do to a blogg that I was looking at. If you would like to become involved with her project go to htt://crazymomquilts.blogspot
You are supposed to try and get at least one nine patch completed a day and by a certain number of days there will be enough to complete a quilt. These nine patches are done with white sashing strips and they just looked sooooooooooo cute that I had to start making them. I didn't join the group because I have way too many things going on right now and do not want to get myself stressed out. I will simply play along as if I had joined and hopefully will accomplish as much as the rest. I started two days ago and already have six completed so far so good!
Ohhhhhhhhh my strawberries have blossums on them!It is truely amazing how happy simple little things can make me!
O.k. I am off to make some more nine patches. take care untill we meet again.

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