Thursday, June 19, 2008

Gift pillow finished

Sometime ago I joined a gift making group. It seems like we have groups for just about everything these days. Anyway: I have been making all kinds of things to fill up my gift box. Today I managed to finish a pillow that I had started some time ago. I have this terriable habbit of starting things and getting them almost finished and then they are set aside while I start something new. So I actually feel quite good to be getting this out of the way. I got the scrappy border idea somewhere on the web and love it! Helps me use up some of my stash and I love the look. I will be making more of these!.

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~ Kerrie ~ said...

Oh Mom I love that look to and what a neat idea to use up all of your scraps. :)
You should post a photo of the quilt you made for Kaitlin on here. I love it. :)
~ K ~