Saturday, June 28, 2008

Beautifull Day"

Its me again bet you thought I disapeared" Not a chance " I have this lovely little bug in my ear by the name of kerrie" Shes my lovely daughter and she is a good reminder that I need to make a post every so often. She is feeling responsible because she was the one who helped me set this up. So I guess I had better let you know what is going on today. I have been working on two dresses for the latest granddaughter and searching the net for easy patterns to take with me when I fly to spokane in a few day that I can sit down with my grandkids and let them sew!

I think it will be great fun. Have already promised my grandson that we shall cook some great dishes. With all of this going on " I want to be able to get my hands on the new grandbaby and I have come up with a great idea".My daughter has created a sling to carry her in and I am thinking that maybe I could just wear that sling myself and still keep up with the other kids. Did I mention that she is a breast fed baby? Wellllllllll I wonder if she will notice that I am not mommy????

We are on the count down for the trip so have been checking out all the current rules for flying. My girlfriend who is going with me as she has family in spokane also so we thought it would be great if we could both fly together. Anyway she sends me an article on how they are not taking care of the airplanes and all the things that can go wrong. I wrote back and explained to her that we will be soooooo much safer in a plane then we would be in a car that the statistics are in our favor by a huge margin. She wrote back and said she wasen't really worried anyway. ha she was too! I am going to have to stay awake on the flight to keep her occupied I can tell" and this is only my second flight. I kind of enjoyed sitting by the window and watching us leave the ground the last time. It was equally exciting to watch us decending. It is really amazing when you stop and think about this hugeeeeeee heavy airplane flying in the air . It still blows my mind how this is accomplished.

Did I tell you that we have an adopted three legged dog we call tripod? Well we also have a guiennie and the guiennie and the dog have become good friends. They jump all over each other the dog gets the guiennie down on the ground untill you think that he is killing the poor thing and then about the time you can't hold your breath any longer he lets the guiennie up and then its the guiennies turn. He comes at the dog wings and all and jumps all over him. If anyone witnessed these two they would think they were killing each other (we did the first time we saw it) but they are actually playing together. We take the dog for a walk every nite up the driveway to the mailbox. we live on two acres so its a block or so to the mailbox and the highway. The guiennie has taken to walking with us. People are amazed to see him walking along with us like another dog. He dosen't seem to realize that he isen't a dog so all goes well.

O.k. I had better go figure out what to fix for dinner and hopefully get back here soon with some more news. ohhhhhhhh will include a picture of hubby , dog ( tripod) and (pretty boy ) our guiennie. Now anyone that has ever seen a guinnie up close knows that is the furthest thing from the truth but he likes the name so it is what I use.

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