Saturday, January 17, 2009

Keeping busy'''''''''

Well this is saturday a typical laundry day. yuckkkkkkkkkk not a lot of fun in doing the laundry so I try and sew inbetween loads. This morning I managed to finish two ruffle skirts for the granddaughters Kaylee and Kristina. Last nite I made a mixer cover for my daughter kerrie.'

Will add the pics and hopefully they will go in the correct order. not sure why but whenever I write in this blogg and enter pics they go in backwards from the way I entered them.

Not a lot going on today other then sewing. I think I might look for some fabric and make a mixer cover for our kitchen. I am always making things for others and never quite get around to making them for myself. I think all of us sewers have that problem. Maybe we should make a list of projects and actually stick too it. What a novel idea" I think I might just try that. It would be nice to be orgainize. I actually belong to a couple of groups that are supposed to keep me organized. I do manage to get more accomplished but I am beginning to think that some of us are orgainized and some are not. I seem to prefer the spur of the moment!

The birds are arriving back in North Carolina. They don't seem to stay away for very long. I love sitting here at the computer in my sewing room and watching them out the window. we have invested in several bird feeders as they are sooooooo pretty and we love watching them. It amazes me just how much food the little buggers go through! One of my neighbors has fifteen outside cats and at least three of them think of our yard as their yard. They love to sit under the bird feeders and just wait for a chance to jump at them. Have you ever actually watched a cat jump after a bird? Let me tell you these little buggers can jump highhhhhhhh. Now I realize that animals operate by supply and demand and it is the natural order of things for cats to eat birds but I have to say " even though I love my indoor cat! I am cheering for the birds. Luckily it is very seldom that they manage to catch one. It won't be long before we will be getting ready to plant a garden again. I swear I don't know where all the time goes. speaking of time" I had better get back to sewing " take care untill we meet again.


Anonymous said...

Mom the mixer cover turned out perfect and will be beautiful in my coffee kitchen. :) Thank you.
The girls are going to love love love the skirts. Those are so cute and love that fabric.
Love you,
~ K ~

mom2fourkiddos said...

Hi Kerrie! I am in SGOT with you....I love the skirts! I have the same fabric, I am making my 5 year old daughter a dress and pants (with the ruffles and "euro" look, just not so "clowny".