Saturday, January 31, 2009

Weekend is hereeeeeeeee

Hi everyone" Hope you are having as much fun sewing and creating as I am." Today is saturday so I can play while I am doing the laundry ect. I managed to finish two of the doll quilts I have been working on. And I have two others in the making.

The other two are going to be done in 4 1/2" squares. these two were done in 2 1/2" squares. I think the larger go muchhhhhhhhh faster and I have several more to make. I still have pillows and pillow cases to make along with some doll carrier beds. Everyone thinks that I spoil my grandkids but if theirs lived as far away from them as mine do they would spoil them too. I am so looking forward to seeing them again in July. I cannot hardly believe that my youngest granddaughter is going to be 14 months old ! I will really have to spoil that one so that she remembers her granny.

Today I had intended on posting a cake plate that we made from a blogg idea somewhere" you take a plate and a bowl and you turn the bowl upside down and lay your plate over the top. This really does make an adorable cake plate! but I happend to stop by wallmart yestarday and picked up a set that had a swirl design on them so for some reason the plate didn't sit as evenly as it should have so back to the drawing board. When you use these permanent glues there is no second chance to get it right.

Well I am off to work some more on another doll quilt. Will try and post again before long. take care untill we meet again.

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