Thursday, January 22, 2009


Well we are home from the hospital and all is well once again. He had two areas that were about thirty percent clogged but no need for a stent or surjury. they have to be at least 80% before they can do anything like that. They are going to change his medication and see if that won't stop the pains he has been having.

It snowed six inches here in N.C. so we didn't have school today. It always amazes me that everything closes down for even a couple of inches of snow. comming from snow country that is hard to understand. Anyway I am not complaining because when the schools shut down I stay home yessssssssss. Since I was home I went blogg surfing and found a monthly snowman pattern. This is offereed by ellie and I am addign her blogg to the right hand side of my blogg so that you can go over and get your own snowman pattern. She will be creating one each month. she already has several pictures in her gallery and they are sooooooo cute.

I will also add a picture of our snow I had to take pictures as no body will ever believe me. lols Take care and above all else have fun! you never know what tomorrow will bring.

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