Thursday, January 15, 2009

LIfes ups and downs.

Hi its me again" I just finished a baby quilt that I needed to donate to the local quilt guild. That makes me feel good because it is one less unfinished project in my sewing room. Now there are only about 99 left. Welllllllll maybe not quite that many. I have two projects on the ironing board right now. One is an applique block that I want to take along to the hospital next week. Hubby has to have a catherization. He had a small heart attack a few months ago (If there is such a thing) Anyway they put him on pills to slow his heart down. Well He has not been feeling all that good and the pills aren't doing as much for him so he decided it was time to go back in. We will go in tuesday afternoon its a sixty mile drive and then they will do the proceedure wednsday morning. Hopefully everything is o.k. and we will head back the same day. If not " if he needs another stent or anything else then it will be longer. Buttttttt I digress" The other projects are some ruffle skirts for my granddaughters Kaylee and Kristina. They are going to loveeeeeee these. I owe many thanks to a certain cyber buddy for the pattern. Thanks Jeannie!


Anonymous said...

Mom that quilt turned out really cute. And I am sure the girls will love their ruffle skirts. :) You should have seen Kristina getting her stuff ready last night to go stay the night with her buddy. She must have pulled out every skirt/dress she owns for the canceled concert and all of her PJs for the sleepover. lol
Too cute.
Love you,
~ K ~

Barb's Blurbs said...

Hi! I just found your blog on SGF...I live in Washington state near Yakima. I love this quilt! Absolutely gorgeous! Was this a kit or did you put the fabrics together yourself? Love the use of the plaid in it! I am adding your blog to my list!