Saturday, May 8, 2010

Its almost mothers day!

I am sooooooo happy it is the weekend again" It is so nice to be home where there is air conditioning. I think I may have mentioned that I work for the school district and we have no air conditioning in our kitchen. Do you have anyyyyyyyy idea how hot it can get when it is in the nineties outside and we have ovens runing inside? No one has been brave enough to set a thermomitor in the kitchen because if they did I am sure we would all quit! They are building us a new one and from what we have been told we will actually have air conditioning in this one yesssssssssss!
So far today I have managed to get he laundry finished, I cooked dinner a nice dish of rolled up chicken with ham and cheese in the center, garlic cream cheese mashed potatoes, corn and of course beer bread". My hubby has become sooooooo spoiled " He is a bread lover from wayyyyyy back and before I would bake bread maybe once or twice a month, because lets face it" baking bread can be time consuming and when you work outside of the home as well as inside not too mention gardening and your favorite hobby is quilting you just don't always have the extra time. wellllll I love to search blogs and one day : I came across one that talked about beer bread. I had never heard about this one before so naturally I had to do some research. I went and typed in beer bread and came across sites that gave recipes which were all reallyyyy easy to make. you see the beer replaces the yeast process so all you do is throw the ingredients together which takes a total of three or four minutes and then you add a bottle of can of beer and put it in the oven with some melted butter over the top and you are doneeeeeeee!!!! Did I metion that this bread is fabulous! well it is and if you haven't tried it you really must! I promis you that you won't be sorry.
I am even going to tell you how to make it and save you all the recipe searching so you have absolutely noooo exscuse. make sure you have a six pack of beer in your fridge from this day forward. Don't worry the alcohol content will be cooked out of it. Hubby and I are not beer drinkers ( I prefer wine) so we have to buy beer just for our bread. o.k. are you readyyyyy. first you take 3 cups of flour sifted, 3 teaspoons baking powder, 1 tsp salt, 1/4 cup of sugar, mix , then add a 12 oz. can or bottle of beer and stir it with a spoon. pour the whole mess into a greased or srayed bread pan . go to your microwave and melt 1/4 cup margarine or butter pour over the top and put it into the oven for one hour at 375 degrees. Nowwwwww is that easy or what? No exscuses you really have to try it!
O.k. I am off to see what else I can do today. I have managed to cut out some more blocks for my granddaughters quilt. Its times like this when I wish I still belonged to a quilt group. I have cut out about thirty ten inch squares of blue and I keep having to run back to the store to find more blue. O.k. take care and have a great day!

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