Saturday, May 22, 2010


Well its saturday again and it seems like instead of relaxing on my day off all I do is work and run. I am sure its like that with all of you who work outside the home. sometimes I feel like I am working my life awayyyyyy!
O.k. now for some good news" I found my camera! They had it at target so I bit the bullet and bought it. I loveeeeee it! so little and so much fun to use and view the photos with the touch screen. I think its a keeper!

Today I have managed to get the laundry done , cook dinner for hubby and grandson" who was here all day working on someones truck. I think they had a good visit". Which by the way gave me a little bit of time by myself to sew. I actually managed to finish my granddaughters quilt top. all that is left is to pick out some material for a border and then it is ready to go with me on my trip". Once I get there I will buy the batting and a sheet to match and tie the quilt with my dd and the grandkids.
Then I actually managed to get two more dresdon quilt blocks done inbetween the laundry and the cooking. Hope everyone else managed to have a good day today.

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boopgirl said...

She is gonig to love that blue quilt. :) And cant wait to see your new camera when you get here, it sounds neato.
Love you,