Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wednsday 27th

Its been hot here the past day or two. Lots of humidity after it rained for several days. However I have still managed to work on one of my quilts and trying to finish up a table runner that I started some time ago. I have a picture of the coin baby quilt that I started but haven't managed to get it downloaded off of my computer yet. Hopefully this weekend for sure. This is a really fast one to make. It only takes five strips of coins and I already have three of them finished.
I also need to get out and take some recent pictures of all the garden activity. I love this time of year as everything grows soooo quickly. Hubby told me when I came home from work that we already have baby zuchinnies and cukecumbers. I would normally take pictures and send to my daughter as we love to tease her since we have such a longer growing season then she does but they had a frost recently and it killed everyhting she planted so I just don';t have the heart to tease her right now. (Maybe after it gets going again) I knoww I am sooo bad! O.k. I am off to play a little golf on the wii game" Take care untill next time.

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boopgirl said...

Yeah right you sent me photos of your stinking cuke and
Love you,