Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day Is Here"

Well its been a gorgous day outside. WE actually had coffee out in the yard this morning. I received a beautifull card from my grandchildren and daughter , and her hubby from spokane" This morning they called and all yelled happy mothers day! My stepson and his wife came over with the great grandsons today and brought me a beautifull ceramic coffee cup to plant some flower in and a package of canna lilly bulbs. My granddaughter zoe emailed me from Seattle and my stepson from seattle also called and emailed me. So life is Good! Mothers Day was always something special between me and my mother. I always got her something on mothers day usually flowers. At that time they always had venders on most of the street corners selling flowers. I think its a day that says ohhhhhhhhhhh wow do I ever realize nowwwww what it was like raising kids. lols I actually enjoyed raising kids. that is untill they became teenagers and then I am not so sure. would have gladly traded them in untill they were 21.
My daughter sent me some pictures of the kids which I always loveeeeee! and in this one the baby doe's not look happy about the whole process. usually she is such a little ham!
Well its about time I got back to working on granddaughters quilt or I won;t have it ready when I leave for Spokane this year. Take care and Happy moms Day too all of you!

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