Sunday, May 2, 2010


I swear" I do not know where all the time goes! I think its a combination of getting older (time definately goes faster) Mainly because it takes us longer to get everything done! and the fact that I am working for a living it seems like one day just runs into the other.
This is gardening season so that has been a huge time user and I have even found time to start a new quilt for my one of my granddaughters. I have not told her yet because I am hoping to finish the top by the time I leave for spokane. if not then I don't want to disapoint her. This is what it is looking like right now. She loves blue so hopefully she will like this one.

Last week I went shopping at michaels. They had the most adorable boxes on sale for 40% off. I looked at them and thought I really would like to get a couple of them and then as quickly thought nooooooo you don't have any room as it is. welllllllll being a typical woman I got home and thought Linda you should have bought the darn things to keep your applique in one place and another one for your hand embroidery. welllllll by the time I got back there they were not on sale any more so I wound up paying full price for one of them and used my coupon for the other one. Now ladies just learn from my mistakes and when you see something you love! grab it!

Well this is the morning I had to take my boniva" Its H-ll getting older! so Now I have all those things I need to catch up on that I couldn't while not being able to bend . everyone take care and hopefully it won't be so long before posts again. I do have a pattern from blogland for a small friendship bag that I hope to get made before long. I have even picked out the fabric for it! so hopefully I will be back soon to post more finished pictures.

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