Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Morning

Couldn't lay in bed one minute longer. My back has been giving me a time lately so I am up early with time to comment on my blog. yestarday I had to go and see my arthritus doctor and we went out for a nice anniversary dinner afterwards. I had hubby drop me off at michaels while he went to lowes. what funnnnnnnnn! I can always find lots of things to spend money on in that place. Anyway I ran into a lady who was from out of town and started asking me questions about chrochet. we had quite a nice visit. She managed to get me interested in yet another project of which I will not reveal right now as it is going to be a surprise for someone" Hopefully I will be able to reveal it later if all turns out well!
I did manage to work on one of those cute little rabbits that are on one of the bloggs. Naturally I cannot remember which one" but I am quite sure Casey is going to like it.
After comming home from our shopping trip hubby surprized me with the most gorgous orchid!!!!!!!! This will be my very first orchid so I hope it likes me!
O.k. I am off to work on more projects untill we meet again.


Khris said...

Hey the rabbit is a real cutie..I love it...hugs Khris

Anonymous said...

Kate is going to love that little rabbit, she got a kick out of the photos that you sent. hee hee hee
Love you,
~ K ~