Saturday, June 6, 2009

Its Saturdayyyyyyyyyyyy"""""""""""

Well here it is saturday again and I was up and out of bed by six fifteen. They were haveing a yard sale at the church this morning so I just had to go" I have not seen many yard sales around here and the ones that I do see are all clothing and little kids stuff. Welllllllll I wound up with an adorable old birdhouse , a cute shirt with matching top that still had the tags on it", a pancake pan for hubby and a cute old fashioned basket for me" It dosen't take much to make me happyyyyyyyyy lols

Then I went out to weed some of our flower beds. I had to go back inside and grab my camera as there is so much happeing out there " The flowers are blooming the tomatoes are growing! I loveeeeee this time of year. Our little squirles aren't so little any more" Between the bird seed and the guiennies seed they are getting so gosh darn fat that I am seriously beginning to worry that the neighbors cats are going to get them. She has around fifteen of them and they seem to be attracted to our place because we have so many birds and squirrels. Well I guess I will leave that one to mother nature to worry about.

Now for the most exciting news this week! Hubby booked my flight to spokaneeeeeeeeeeee. Here that daughter and grandbabies of mine! I will be there before too long. School will be out in another four days so I can start thinking about packing. I am looking soooooooo forward to seeing them all again! O.k. welllllll I had better quit and get back to the laundry take care untill we meet again.

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