Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Morningggggg

O.k. I have a delemma" Normally I don't think twice about color but for some strange reason I seem to be going back and fourth with this one. I need your help" do you like the pink and green together best? or the pink and black together the best? I need to make up my mind by today so that I can hopefully get it put together tonite. It is something for me personally so I don't know why its such a big deal" I guess its because I seldom make things for myself.

Other the sewing I have managed to get up and get my vaccuming and dusting done and the garden is in good shape. The only bad thing to happen lately is that my car battery died yestarday. The dealer told us the last time we had it in for a check up that it needed to be replaced but they wanted three or four hundred dollars to replace it. well hubby went to auto zone this morning and bought one with the same type of waranty for $99.00 so Now I am a happy camper again. This means another trip to wallmart. Funny how often we go there! By now we should have stock in that store as much money as we spend there.
Hopefully I will make a decision on which one of these fabric combinations I like best as i would like to have my project finished so that I can post a picture of it today or tomorrow. take care

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