Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday morning"""""

Good morning everyone" It's a gorgous day out there" Now if we could control that hot temperture it would be even better! Hubby is outside ferilizing and watering all the plant life. Our garden is doing fantastic this year" we have been getting tomatoes, zuchinni, radishes, cukecumbers to keep us fed and the neighbors.
I am on the countdown for leaving to go to spokane" I am soooooo excited to see everyone again. This morning Goshhhhhhhhhhh is it only eight o.clock? I must still be on work time. Anyway I degress" When I got up this morning and did the dishes that I left from the nite before" (I knowwwwwwwww that is bad)))))) I decided to do something in my sewing room. Awhile back I had made the tops for some doll quilts and decided that I need to get those finished to add to the others that I already have put away for Casey.
Its funny but I never feel like I have enough done even though these are a good year ahead of time before she will be wanting them. She just turned a year in may .
I have sooooooo much stuff to pack and its not stuff for meeeeeee '''' I swear I am going to have to pack everything and leave my clothing out! I had forgotten how much stuff I had put together. I try and mail a lot of the things durring the year but the mail has become so expensive that I have even cut back on that. And then there are the things that you make that you do not trust with the postal dept. I made a quilt top for my grandson and have decided to take it with and finish it there. I just wouldn't want to finish that and send it through the mail. After all I am getting older and it is getting harder and harder to put these quilts together so I sure wouldn't want to have it dissapear in the mail.
Do any of you have the problem of figuring out what to make for your teenage grandsons? I seem to be running out of things to make for Donald The girls are easy to make for because I can always come up with things for girls but boys are a different story" especially when they become teens. I have a pattern for some notebook covers so am planning to make up some of those for him. They might have to wait untill I get back from spokane as I want to have him pick out some fabrics that he likes. Wellllllll I am not getting anything done sitting here so I had better move. take care untill we meet again"""""""""

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