Thursday, August 15, 2013

An old friend of mine posted a picture of Logan canyon and it brought back so many memories that I just had to post it here. Have never seen colors like this any place else I have lived.

Have been busy this morning sewing for my friendship partner. just a little something that I hope she will like. I am just about to the point where I need to start boxing things up. one or two more things I need to pick up and that should do it. this has been fun! trying to figure out whether or not I want to actually wrap each thing as they are all different shapes and believeeeeee me I am definitely not the worlds best wrapper (my kids can testify to that) Hubby used to wrap their gifts. I may just go ahead and put them all in the box and send a sheet of paper with it identifying all the objects to the letters. will give it a little more thought before I make any final decisions.
We have to go back to Greenville tomorrow to see hubbies sleep aptnia specialist . while he is there getting his machine checked out" I am going to have him drop me off at joanns. That sounds much b etter to me then sitting in a waiting room. Have been playing around with a few different blocks also . started some snowball blocks which I first did with beige corners and decided they would pop better with white so redid some others. then I got interested in some applique coffee cups. a piece of advice if you want to complete anything you are working on stay off the net ! I can be sooooooo easily distracted. take care until next time.

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