Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Its Tuesday and I feel like you know what? Have had a bad sore throat and cough for a week now and it is really getting too me. we managed to get all of the food put away for the cafeteria and going in and out of the freezer all morning probably didn't help any. I got home and landed in my chair and didn't move. Hubby was sweet enough to run into the store and pick up some more throat lozzengers and some cough drops along with some juice bars" did I say he was sweet!
After work I did manage to get my swap partners package in the mail. hear that sunny????? you should have it no later then Thursday so let me know if it arrives safe and sound. O.k normally I would try and have some pics to post but in all honesty I just don't feel up to it so until next time.


sunny said...

Sorry you haven't been feeling well! Hope you're better by now. I'll let you know when my package arrives. I'm still working on your items.

N.C.Fabric Junkie said...

thanks sunny I think I am on the mend. its getting better with each passing day. just glad it has gone on these last few days before I go back to work full time.