Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Its hump day and even though I am not working right now I feel it! somehow I have done something to my shoulder blade and it is driving me crazy. I suspect the new pillows we bought might just be the culprit. I changed back to my old one last nite and it hasen't been quite as bad today.

Got a chance to talk via email to my swap partner and have a pretty good idea on the colors she likes. turns out she likes the same ones I do" lols this should be fun. Now I have to get busy and make something. I have a couple of different idea's so will go looking for patterns tomorrow.

I worked on my basket weave baby blanket for awhile today and was disappointed to find a mistake about twelve rows ago. soooooooo I ripped it all out and started over again. Doug gets so mad at me" He says no one but you will ever notice it but there is just something inside me that won't let me leave it once I have seen it. Hope I am not the only one that way.

I found a saying today that I just love. It says today is the oldest you have ever been, yet the youngest you will ever be. so enjoy this day while it lasts. think it is perfect for a birthday card but its also food for thought any day.

Someone asked me if I believe in angels" of course I said doesn't everyone." I have always felt that there are angels watching over us. speaking of things with wings. do you all have a lot of humming birds this year? We have two feeders out and have had to fill them twice a day. we must have had twenty babies born here this year. that's just a guess because they are almost impossible to count. we also had fireflies this year. that is the first time I have seen any here since we moved here. Love those things! wish the grandkids could be here to see them too. O.k its time to go get something done. until next time take care'

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