Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tuesday" we had to run into Greenville this afternoon for hubbies heart check up and they want him to go back on Friday to have his sleep aptnia machine checked. some days are like that" you spend more time sitting in the car and doctors offices then anything else. I did manage to get a few more rows done on my scarf so that was a good thing and on the way back we pulled into sams where I ran in and grabbed a case of mushrooms. I finally got a chance to use my rice cooker and made some rice pilof yummmmmmmmmmmm it was a success and I think it will be used more often then cooking it on the stove. It was oh so simple and very good.
There is a video of a newscast going on around facebook and if you haven't seen it be sure and play it if you do. The new smart phones have tracking devices that when you post a picture of your sweet grandchild on facebook using your smart phone they can find out where you live , where the picture was taken, where your child goes to school and what park she frequents. it is sooooooooo gosh dang scarry. *I have to tell you that I would hate being a parent in this day in age" there are so many new things and great technical advantages but with them come greater risks. Just really be ware of what you are doing . O.k. I am out for tonite. my boss called me to tell me that we have to be back to work Monday to clean and I was laughing so hard I could barely speak to her. when I was in Spokane my sil has all these cool ring tones and he had one for your boss" welllllllllll I naturally downloaded it and whenever she calls it plays. Now I will have to play it for her because I could not explain what I was laughing so hard about. I do not lie welllllllllll lols take care until next time .

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