Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Its Monday and I am at the computer procrastinating on getting something done. I did manage to go to one of my trunks and remove a garbage bag full of materials that I know I will never get around to using. most of them were vests that I bought (the panal type ) on sale at a quilt shop. I have a neighbor down the street that uses these types of things to sew with a young sewing group in her church. '
Have you noticed that your quilting style and colors change over time.? When I first started quilting I used blues and greens and browns. then I seemed to move to brites " probably because I have a lot of grandkids and brites and grandkids seem to go together. Next I found myself attracted to pastels and some of the colors that I strayed away from in the past I tend to use on a regular basis now. for years you never saw an orange color in my stash but my daughter wanted orange in one of her daughters quilts and once I started working with it" I actually liked it. I guess what I am trying to say is we should never say never until we try it first. Now I am good with most colors. although I am still drawn to Victorian types of pinks and beiges, greens and lacy looks I still like the brites as well. I recently made myself a circle lap quilt and have become quite attached to looking at all of those circles as I am all snuggled up inside of it. actually I am quite surprised that I enjoy it as much as I do because it reminds me more of a modern technique and I tend to shy away from anything modern in quilts. my favorite are scrap quilt as those of you who know me can tell by my posts.I love putting fabrics together. so many people find it difficult. one of my best friends used to come into my beauty shop back when I worked as a cosmetologist and she would be carrying a stack of fabrics. she said linda would you please match these up for me.  I tried to explain that if you pick a pattern fabric that you like and then pull those colors out of that pattern you have it made. then you simply go from there and add fabrics within the same color frame with different textures. Maybe it is just because I enjoy picking colors that it comes easy for me.
I have been matched up with my swap partner which is very exciting! can't wait to get started working on a project or two and then I need to go shopping. These swaps can be such fun.! I don't usually get involved in a lot of them because by the time I  get home from working I am usually too tirid to even think about sewing. and I always get involved in the teacher swap at school " that one goes all year long.  But this is the second tie I have joined Khristines swap. I so enjoyed the first one too.
Oh I made a new recipe last nite called korrean beef from damdelicious blog. it was very good! Love trying out different recipes . Do you all collect cookbooks? and do you use them? I have collected them for years and even though I look through them I tend to get my recipes off the net. am I the only strange one out there? O.k. time to go and try and get something done today. you all take care until next time".

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