Thursday, August 22, 2013

Its quiet here to nite as hubby had to go in for a sleep aptnia test so that leave me and the dogs alone.
Its been a nice day off. we had our teachers luncheon at the church this afternoon and my preacher and my boss got into a joking mood about teasing me. Lordyyyyyyyyy I am going to have to put up with this all tear long. my boss informed me today that the test I agreed to help her take last semester is going to be one that if we do not pass it we will have to take it again and again. funnnnnnnnnnnnn! Now I know why no one volunteered and I was the only one would would agree to go with her. she said the test manual is about three inches thick. we take the test in November. not looking forward to this one!.
Haven't heard from my swap partner so don't know if she received my package today or not. for some reason my email and addys are not loading up right today so I can't get the folder that I put all the swap info inside of. hopefully she has gotten it and liked it . Not sure what the time differenence is for her and I. Well elementary is on so I think I will watch the rest of it before I go to bed. take care until next time.

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