Saturday, August 31, 2013

Its Saturday and my laundry is finished. I am thinking that although I am still very sore in places that I might actually survive this fall. I have to tell you that it was one longggggg week at work though. I work with a great bunch of girls. they were all pretty good about making sure that I did not lift anything too heavy. I haven't felt a lot like getting involved in anything right now but am drooling over the lazy girl pattern for the summer tote. it is just large enough that I could make it up to take on the plane with me the next time I go to Spokane. We are supposed to have a new joanns fabrics opening here with in the next month or so" I am debating on whether or not I want to wait or run over to wally world which now carries fabric yessssssssss! when they built it a couple of years ago they didn't put fabric in it as that was when they started removing fabric from most of the wallmart stores. women were flooding the stores with phone calls telling them not to discontinue it. well apparently they finally figured out just how much revenue us women bring in. its sooooooo nice to have a couple of different options available so close by. I used to have to drive to Greenville n.c. to get to the nearest joanns.
I have also been surfing the net which is common practice around here and found the cutest little blog. Its called American pie designs so if you get a chance type that into your search engine and check her out. especially the article she wrote on decopauge. I laughed so hard! It sounds like something my husband would say and do". Well that's about all that is going on today. still waiting for my friendship swap package. went down to the mail today but it wasen't there yet. now that it is the memeorial day weekend I imagine it will be Tuesday or wednsday before it arrives. It sounds like everyone is getting theirs finished and off in the mail before the final date so that's a good thing. o.k you all take care until next time.

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