Thursday, August 8, 2013

well I slept in until seven this morning and since hubby uses a machine for aptnia I usually wear earplugs so that I can sleep through it. anyway he told me when I got up that I missed all the excitement this morning. as I told you before we have two humming bird feeders off of our deck and since we had around twenty of them born here this year it has been busy all the time. well when hubby got up the dogs were barking so he went outside to see what was going on and there was a water moccasin wrapped around the thing that holds the humming bird feeder and he was catching our humming birds. Doug is a quick thinker on his feet" (much faster then I am) and he ran back into the house and got our grabber (you know the type you see on t.v. for grabbing things in high cupboards ect. He got the snake with that and flung it down. well it crawled into our flower bed so he spent the next few minutes getting it out of there. then he killed it with a shovel . sooooooo sad " not the snake I am glad he is gone but he had gotten at least one of our humming birds. Well I have not even had my coffee yet so will close for now. just another exciting day in n.c. take care folks.

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