Tuesday, August 27, 2013

trying to recover from work accident yesterday but am fuming mad so it is difficult! I was walking across the floor with a pan of chick fillets in my arms when one of the coworkers had left the grates up ontop of the flood when she was cleaning out the pit and didn't put them back down flush with the floor so naturally I tripped on them and hit the floor hard! those cement  floors have noooo give. anyway everyone came running and I checked to make sure nothing was broken and got up and went back to work. the boss wanted me to go get checked out but I thought if I moved around awhile I would be fine. well by the end of the day my shoulder was killing me so I agreed to go get checked out. for any of you that work for the state of north Carolina at least the school district you know that if you are injured on the job you have to get a drug test automatically every time! now this means you have to pee in a cup! yup no other way to say this folks: welllllllll I am not one to pee on command. sorry that is just not meeeeee. now if they asked my hubby he could fill up a small lake on command but they were not asking him they were asking meeeeee. it took me four hours , seven sixteen ounce glasses of water and a coke to get a sample. they even offered to catherize me can you imagine????? there has to be something wrong with a system that drug tests a state employee every time she has an accident and yet provides state assistance to welfare recipients several of whom I know who are druggies and using state money to keep their habit going. needless to say I was fuming by the time I left there. I told hubby next time if there is a next time" I refuse to go! if I die then he better post it in the paper why I did not go to the doctor! o.k. back to work take care until next time.

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sunny said...

Oh my gosh - I hope you're feeling better by now! How sad to be treated like a criminal just to get a little medical attention.