Saturday, August 17, 2013

Just spent about 45 minutes on pioneer womans blog and it wasen't for her recipes although they are pretty darn good! it was for her photography" she takes amazing shots! If you want to take your photography skills a step further check out her information it will be worth the time. I know that I learned a lot. I would love to take a day and just go out and shoot pictures. nestled up next to the ocean would be the perfect  backdrop. hmmmmm maybe one of these weekends I will have to convince doug to go" if not then maybe a girlfriend.

Well I mailed off my daughters birthday card along with some material for the little ones to make skirts or dresses out of. and I have my swap partners things all ready to mail except for that darn wrapping paper. will check tomorrow when we are in town and see if I can find some. if I am lucky and all goes well I should get it out next week. I also have to start back to work Monday. that means getting up at five a.m. again. would you believe I am still at Spokane time. I can't seem to go to bed before midnite or later. that is all going to have to stop soon. I bough the cutest patten at joanns for making a dress quilt. the dress is hanging on a dressform and they are going to be soooooo cute! I started a couple of them last nite the dresses that is" not the backround squares. will have to cut some out today if I get the time and post soon. take care until next time.

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